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Ascomannis is a small Dobermann hobby kennel (FCI registered) that breeds for performance and longevity. We focus on consistently producing quality working dogs for service and sport work. The pups live as part of our family and we devote time to imprinting and environmental training while they are with us. We perform individual temperament tests with the aid of a fellow dog trainer who is a stranger to the pups. We aim to make dogs that have the character and temperament for work so that training is enjoyable for both the handler and the dog. 

We have bred 2 certified police service dogs, 1 certified military police & avalanche rescue dog, 1 certified avalanche & urban disaster rescue dog, 1 certified wilderness search & rescue dog, 1 certified disaster rescue dog, 1 certified water rescue dog, 13 dogs with the PH Kåring (Danish Police Dog Certificate) and over 50 dogs titled in Schutzhund (VPG), IPO, SPH, French Ring or Mondioring. We also bred the first Dobermann in the world to title to Mondioring 3 (plus qualify to the World Championships with a novice handler) and the first Dobermann titled to French Ring 1 in North America (novice handler).

Jes became a patrol dog handler in 1985 after serving in the Undercover Drug Enforcement & Riot Unit of the Danish Police. He has trained and tested hundreds of service dogs and their handlers as an instructor at the Danish National Police Dog School, during UN Missions and international seminars. He has raised and handled German Shepherds and Dobermanns in police service and competition.  He has trained both patrol and narcotics detection dogs and served as a judge at national and international police dog competitions. 

Lisa began competing in Schutzhund in 1997 and placed 2nd at the LV/DVG National Championships with her first dog, Qastra v.d. Weyermühle, BH, SchH3, FH, IPO3. Qastra and her half-sister, Snoopy v.d. Weyermühle, BH, SchH3, IPO3, PH Kåring are the foundation of Ascomannis Dobermanns. Lisa has raised, trained and titled 5 dogs in Schutzhund/IPO/FH/StP and 5 dogs in the Danish Police Dog (DPH) Program. Lisa actively competes in all-breed competitions in IPO and the DPH Program.



Ascomannis Hassan, PH Kåring, PH-P (Police Service Dog) & Jes
Ascomannis Palla, BH, IPO1, StP1, PH Kåring, PH-P (Patrol Class) & Ascomannis Lea, BH, IPO1, StP2, PH Kåring, PH-P (Patrol Class) with Lisa
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