Ascomannis Ringo, certified Police Service & Narcotics Detection Dog, USA

Ascomannis Indy, BH, VPG3, IPO3, 4th place Dutch Nationals 2007, Winner 2009 LGA Westfalen, Van Vorselen Trophy Winner 2007 & 2008 & 2009

Ascomannis Gringo, BH, Brevet, Mondioring 3, Security Dog, 3rd place 2005 Spanish MR Championships Qualification Trial (first Dobermann titled to MR3 in the world)

Boris Germania, BH, SchH3, IPO3, 8th place 2003 AWDF Championship IPO3

Ascomannis Mishka, BH, IPO3

Ascomannis Lexa, BH, VPG3, WD3, 2nd place 2007 DVG/LV National Championship IPO1, 2nd place 2007 DVG WKG Regional Championship IPO2

Ascomannis Heiko, SAR Dog (Field Qualified for Wilderness Search by GSSD of Washington State)

Ascomannis Ingo, BH, IPO3, GHP3, 4th place 2009 LGA Mönchengladbach 11th place 2009 DV Deutsche Meisterschaft 15th place 2009 IDC World Championships

Anja Germania, BH, SchH1

Ascomannis Ramona, BH, IPO3

Ascomannis Jago, BH, VPG3

Ascomannis Ranka, FP, IPO1, PH Kåring, PH-P

Ascomannis Fara, BH, VPG1

Ascomannis Tarek, BH, IPO1

Ascomannis Poker, BH, VPG2

Ascomannis Kara, PH Kåring

Ascomannis Magnus, BH, VPG3, IPO3, Winner 2013 DVG Western KG Regional IPO3 Championship

Ascomannis Jako, BH, IPO3

Ascomannis Qondor, Military Service & Avalanche Rescue Dog, Northern Brigade MP Company, Bardufoss, Norway

Deacon Germania, BH, IPO3

Ascomannis Freya, BH, VPG2

Dante Germania, BH, SchH3, FH

Ascomannis Tarzan, BH, IPO3, Winner 2015 UDC Championship IPO3

Arrex Germania (9 months old)

Bingo Germania, BH, SchH3, FH, AD

Ascomannis Leika, Brevet, French Ring 1

Ascomannis Odin, BH, VPG2

Ascomannis Igor BH, IPO3, FH, GHP3, 11th place 2007 IDC World Championships, 4th place 2006 & 2008 Dutch Championships, Winner 2007 Dutch FH Championship

Ascomannis Iro, BH, VPG1

Anastasia Germania, Brevet, French Ring , (first FR1 Dobermann in North America)

Ascomannis Hera, PH Kåring, PH-P (Patrol Class)

Ascomannis Sarko, BH, IPO3

Cali Germania, BH, SchH3, FH

Dubheasa Germania, BH, SchH3, IPO3, Mondioring Brevet

Ascomannis Retta, "A" certified Avalanche & Urban SAR Dog

Ascomannis Gero, BH, VPG2

Anuschka Germania, BH, SchH1

Ascomannis Karo, BH, VPG3

Ascomannis Ferro, PH Kåring, PH-P

Alfa Germania, BH, SchH1