"F" Litter at the beach with Jes

Ascomannis Kaya, SPH2 (10 weeks old)

Ascomannis Hella, BH, VPG3 (10 weeks old)

Brixi Germania, BH, SchH2

Ascomannis Fara, BH, VPG1 & Minna in Venice, Italy

Ascomannis Iva

Ascomannis Nova, BH

Ascomannis Sonja with family

Bascha Germania, BH, SchH1 (9 weeks old)

Ascomannis Karo, BH, VPG3 (4 month old pup) & Chris

Deacon Germania, BH, IPO3

Ascomannis Hella, BH, VPG3 showing the "N" Litter who THE BAD GUY is!

Ascomannis Sarko, BH, IPO3 (7 months old)

Ascomannis Odin, BH, VPG2 & Anne on trial day (High in Trial & High VPG1)

Ascomannis Ringo, certified Police Service & Narcotics Detection Dog, USA

Ascomannis Qaili, BH, Obedience 2, Agility 2, Water Rescue Dog

Ascomannis Qondor, Military Service & Avalanche Rescue Dog, Northern Brigade MP Company, Bardufoss, Norway & Gunn Anita

Ascomannis Pira, BH, VPG3, FH1

Ascomannis Kara, PH Kåring & Anna

Ascomannis Indy, BH, VPG3, IPO3 & Robin

Ascomannis Lexa, BH, VPG3, WD3 (8 weeks old)

Ascomannis Kara, PH Kåring

Ascomannis Falko, PH Kåring

Ascomannis Ischa, BH, VPG3

Ascomannis Gringo, BH, Brevet, Mondioring 3, Security Dog & Maika

Ascomannis Gero, BH, VPG2 & the twins

Ascomannis Geisha, BH & Robert at a party!

Ascomannis Magnus, BH, VPG3, IPO3

Ascomannis Gero, BH, VPG2 & Laurel

Cali Germania, BH, SchH3, FH & Sandy on trial day (High in Trial)

Alfa Germania, BH, SchH1 (High Tracking) with Dawn & Anja Germania, BH, SchH1 (High Protection) with Bill

Ascomannis Loui, PH Kåring

Ascomannis Qastor, BH, VPG1

Ascomannis Ranja, Security Dog G4S, UHP

Ascomannis Laev, BH, CD-H

Ascomannis Kara, PH Kåring

Ascomannis Gitano, BH, VPG3, FH2, IPO3

Ascomannis Poker, BH, VPG2 (7 weeks old)

Ascomannis Indy, BH, VPG3, IPO3 with Sjaak (Winner Van Vorselen Trophy)

Ascomannis Igor, BH, IPO3, FH, GHP3